Web Design

website desing

We specialize in designing new websites for desktop and mobile devices, redesigning and maintaining existing websites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We consistently deliver products that look great with technical excellence. Let us collaborate with you to create a website that promotes your business and is easy to use, accessible and secure. Please take a moment to view our design portfolio, and contact us for a free quote.

Our Process

  • Project definition
    • First, we determine the purpose of your new website, your target audience, your branding/perception goals, the source(s) of your content, initial technical specs and our communication strategy.
  • Site structure
    • Next, we take inventory of all existing content, brainstorm content that needs to be created, diagram the overall structure of your website, outline the content of each page, and create a rough, visual representation of the layout of each page
  • Visual design
    • Here's where our designers get creative!
  • Site development
    • Here's where our technicians get technical. In this phase, we turn the visual design into web pages. We use technologies like PHP, CSS, Flash, Javascript, search engines, databases, CMS and web analytics to make your site do what it needs to do. At this point, we also do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your content.
  • Testing
    • In the testing phase, we review the entire site to make sure everything is spelled correctly and works correctly. If any issues are identified, we prioritize them for immediate fix, for correction as time permits, or as future enhancement.
  • Launch
    • Finally, we perform all of the technical and administrative tasks necessary to introduce your new website to the world. We celebrate, and then we get some sleep.