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IT Consulting, Web Design and More

Winter Tree Media, LLC, is a New Jersey Website Design and IT Consulting company, serving businesses and homes in Northern New Jersey, Westchester County, throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond. We specialize in computer support, website design, mobile website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web applications for business, web hosting, internet security, server support, networking and computer repair. With twenty years of experience in working with a broad spectrum of clients, we deliver solutions that promote your business, keep it running smoothly and protect your data. Let us provide on-site IT support for your business or home, design and host a website that reaches and captivates your target audience, add custom content management to your existing website, or secure your office or home network with a state-of-the art Intrusion Prevention System.

Internet Security

Our interest in internet security began when we discovered that our favorite blog had been hacked, and the owner hired us to investigate. We found security vulnerabilities in his popular, open source content management software, and we replace it with custom software that incorporates best practices for avoiding data breach. That blog is now hosted on our secure web server, protected by an intrusion prevention system and our two-factor authentication software. Open source content management systems are often a favorite target of hackers. This is because in providing a one-size-fits-all solution, they often contain large amounts of computer code that is difficult to secure. Winter Tree Media's content management solutions are lean and clean, containing just the code that you need. And because it requires no security patches, our software can save you money in maintenance costs over the lifetime of your website.

Creativity and Technology

Staffed by professional designers and technicians, Winter Tree Media offers you both artistic and technical excellence. When we build it, it looks great, and it runs great.