Application Development

application development

We specialize in creating business applications and adding custom content management systems (CMS) to new and existing websites. Our clean, efficient, secure solutions present users with simple, intuitive interfaces. We work with an awareness that hackers are always looking for ways to break in and steal your data, and we know how to keep them out. Please contact us for a free quote.

Our programmers have been designing user interfaces and developing business applications since the early 1990's. They have worked in a diversity of industries, including transportation, insurance, education, law, property management and entertainment.

Applications recently built by Winter Tree Media

  • Online problem ticket and inventory systems for an IT consulting company in Westchester, NY
  • An online conference room reservation system for a property management company in Tarrytown, NY
  • A phone log and contact management applicaton for one of the nation's top attorneys
  • A custom blogging package for an award-winning journalist and national security consultant
  • A two-factor authentication system that includes C++, PHP and Java components
  • A custom photo gallery application that incorporates AJAX and Javascript-driven drag-and-drop editing
  • A Flash MP3 player that uses PHP in a unique way to prevent unauthorized downloads of music files